As part of Leo’s initial healthcare, our midwife asked us to keep a log of his -ahem- void and stool to ensure that he’s getting enough to eat. The resulting chart has shown that indeed, our little boy has inherited his parents’ healthy appetite. It also provides an interesting insight into our lives lately:

June 22nd PM 6:30 Poo (brown/yellow)
    11:00 Pee
June 23rd AM 1:45 Poo (yellow)
    5:00 Poo (yellow)
    5:45 Pee on me
    (not logged)
    (not logged)
  PM 4:30 Pee
    6:10 Poo (yellow)
June 24th AM 12:00 Poo
    12:10 Pee on self
    1:20 Poo and pee
    3:46 Pee
    7:55 Poo and pee
    9:30 Poo
  PM 1:30 Poo and pee
    1:40 Pee in own face
    3:00 Poo
    8:30 Poo and pee
    10:00 Pee
June 25th AM 1:30 Poo, pee
    5:30 Poo, pee
    10:30 Poo, pee
    10:31 Pee on self
  PM 12:20 Pee
    6:00 Poo, poo, poo
    8:45 Poo, pee
June 26th AM 1:30 Poo, pee
    4:30 Poo, pee
    4:31 Pee on self
    8:50 Poo, pee
    10:00 Poo
    10:30 Poo

Although I’ve been doing most of the diaper changing so that Claire can recover more quickly by staying in bed, she’s the one who has to supply the raw materials for Leo’s little production process. Figure on roughly one feeding per diaper change event.

We are using a diaper service, so the cotton, thank God, is washed by someone else. But our washing machine’s been working overtime on the nylon outer diaper shells that have had to contend with a leak, and the little onesies that were innocent bystanders during a “pee on self” event.

Note, as well, the disproportionate clustering of event occurrences in the wee hours of the morning.