Lately, McDonald’s has been giving out free pedometers with the purchase of one of their deluxe salads and a drink. It’s a nifty idea, really. Not only does it help promote a health-positive perception of the restaurant, it puts the logo on a nifty gadget that people will wear.

Anyway, not being the type who feels the need to count my steps (but the type who likes gadgets and salads), I found myself pondering alternative uses for the Step-O-Meter.

The Desk-O-Meter

After dissecting one to see how it worked, I came up with the idea for the Desk-O-Meter. Here’s the basic concept: It’s a little LCD counter you set on your desk, computer or workstation to show the count of something real, or completely fictional. For instance, it can count “Accident-Free Days” or “People who bugged me today” or “Wasted Hours”. Whatever. You can label it the way you like. With a few simple mods, you can make the Desk-O-Meter increment its count spontaneously, for extra kicks.

It’s probably too strange for the mass market, but hey, my development costs were minimal.