Leo’s diaper rash is pretty much cleared up now, so I can now write about what worked for us. It wasn’t the diaper rash creams, but Bag Balm. If you followed the hyperlink, you’ll know that nowhere on the product website do they indicate it can be used for diaper rash. Or humans for that matter. It’s a veterinary antiseptic salve, developed for soothing cows’ teats and udders.

So, you may ask, what the hell are we doing using it on our child?

Claire’s aunt Suzanne’s friend Ruth highly recommended this stuff for diaper rash, and bought us a tin of it before Leo was even born. Because of its original veterinary use, at first I thought it was for Claire’s -ahem- nursing challenges, so it sat unused in a drawer while Leo suffered with a red bottom slathered with sticky zinc oxide. At one point, after a week of using the zinc oxide with little improvement, Claire remembered we had the Bag Balm and gave it a try. Lo and behold, it made his bottom less red, and easier to wipe after a diaper filling.

Encouraged by this progress, we’ve kept using it with every diaper change, and Leo’s bum is now a healthy pink again. Now and again, he’ll even lie there quietly while we change his diaper, as opposed to shrieking hysterically like we’re trying to kill him. It’s freakin’ brilliant.

Apparently, other people have discovered the merits of Bag Balm for humans. One website reports that Shania Twain uses it on her own -apparently quite healthy- body. This blogger reports his own successful results after his doctor recommended the stuff, and his own surprised reaction.

I’ve yet to find anyone recommending against using the Bag Balm, so we’ll keep using what works. I wonder why they don’t go for FDA and Health Canada approval for use on humans…