One thing that bugs me about every car I’ve owned is there’s no good place to put the snow brush. In the summer months, I take it out of the car altogether. In the fall and spring, I keep it in the trunk, stashed as far out of sight as possible.

But in the wintertime, particularly right after you’ve used it, it’s full of snow. You can’t dump that just anywhere, because of all the wetness it will bring into your car. I try to put it on a rubber floormat, so that when the snow melts it’ll evaporate harmlessly as the car warms up. But that puts it under the boots of any passenger riding in your car. You can’t really put the brush in the trunk, because it’s hard to get at when your car is snow covered. Anyone who’s tried this can tell you about the trunkload of snow and ice they got when they opened the lid to get the brush.

What I’d like to propose to the automotive manufacturers of the world is this: build a snow-brush holder into the driver’s door, similar to what Rolls-Royce has done with umbrellas:

Rolls-Royce Umbrella

Within each rear door is an umbrella that is released at the touch of a button. Special drainage channels are incorporated in the door to allow the umbrella, which is coated with Teflon to prevent rotting, to be stowed when wet.

The umbrella idea is cool, but if mainstream auto manufacturers do this with a simple snow brush, they’ll endear themselves to millions of customers living with winter. Not only that, but if the manufacturers adopting this idea design a custom brush that clicks into the door receptacle, they, and their dealers will make a mint selling replacement brushes as they wear out. As far as I’m concerned, they could easily charge double the top-of-the-line Canadian Tire snowbrush asking price. The convenience and cleanliness would be worth it.

I offer this idea freely to the automotive community, hoping that I will one day benefit as an end-user. That being said, I wouldn’t turn down offerings of free cars from appreciative OEMs. 😉