I bought a brand new 3.5″ Firewire/USB Hard Drive case today. It only cost $59.99, including cables and a nifty nylon carrying case, so I wasn’t entirely surprised when it didn’t work.

But before I return it to the store to exchange it for a slightly higher-quality model, I thought I’d share some of the more eloquent passages from its installation manual:

Thank you to make choice of purchase the Epass product. Please the careful reading this manual, collect and keep it to have other time consults.

Epass 3.5 inches of hard dishs circumscribes a box of the external appearance is generous and beautiful, the design reasonable is special, adopting the super and thin aluminum metal alloy material, spreading the hot good, guarantee the equipments assembled the stable and safe usage. And own the USB2.0 to deliver to pick up a people with IEEE1394 two kinds of latest high speed at the same time, you can use the USB2.0 according to the actual circumstance a choice or 1394 pick up a people, own the USB2.0 at the same time with 1394 of high speed with convenience.

Epass 3.5 inches of hard dishs circumscribes a box of apting to take very much, having the super and strong anti-earthquake ability.

You know, I may decide to keep this thing after all, if only for its strong anti-earthquake ability. (Never know when that might come in handy.)

When you use the Apple Computer or other take the IEEE1394 connect the oscular calculator, Epass hard dish an offering of 1394 pick up a people to can satisfy your need, a baud rate for the high speed is stable will increase your work efficiency, satisfy the arithmetic figure amusement that you work its remaining.

Aha! There’s my problem: I need an oscular calculator for my iBook so I can partake in some arithmetic figure amusement.

The hardware installs the elucidation:
Establish hard dish in 3.5 inches of of IDE as the master
Open hard dish box
Mount IDE row line and power cables with accuracy
Mount Bolt, install very hard dish box

The software installs the elucidation:
1. Start the calculator, enter the 98 ses of Windows;

3. Install to drive after procedure complete, pass the USB pick up a people the conjunction ascends you installs circumscribe teh hard dish goodly, attention:Please mount first 12 V—2.7A Power. Turn power on the switch.
4. The Windows will examine the new equipments automatically, asking patience to wait for, installing for teh first time, the Windows will spend the few minuteseses manhunt and install to drive the procedure.

OK, the manhunt part kinda scares me. Maybe I’ll return this thing after all.

Remarks: If you want to move to divided by and should drive the procedure, just come in into Windows 98se control panel” circulate” increase/ delete the procedure”.
Please choose according to your actual circumstance to connect fitly