My Mom

Mom on June 14th, still smiling.

My mom, Anita Séguin, died this past Saturday morning, ending a 5-year war she’d been battling with brain cancer. She fought well and stayed cheerful and positive throughout.

When her fourth and final tumour showed up on the routine MRI this past January, we thought, “No problem. She’s got it licked.” Unfortunately, it turned out that a strong will and practice with past tumours wasn’t enough.

Over the past several weeks, we had made a point of being with her as much as possible so she never felt alone during her slow decline into paralysis, sleep, then coma. We took care of her, we made sure she was comfortable, we read to her. She was surrounded by family when the end came just before 8am on Saturday.

We have been touched by the outpouring of sympathy we’ve received since this has happened and I want to say that it has been greatly appreciated.

The funeral for my mom will be held on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 at 10am at St. Andrew The Apostle Church at 1250 Barrydowne Road in Sudbury. Donations to the Northern Cancer Reasearch Foundation will be accepted.

I’ll miss you, Mum.