This page summarizes the shopping list for a full Superlift, coilover and rear leaf spring conversion for a 2000-2011 Ford Ranger or Mazda B-Series truck. Please refer to the articles for everything you need to know about the installation.

This post is part of a full series on lifting your late model Ford Ranger or Mazda B-Series:

Superlift Shopping List

ItemPart #WhyWhere To BuyQuantityCost (USD)
TotalNot including tax or shipping$1,900 to $2,000
Superlift Ford Ranger 4' Master KitK358This is the core element of the front suspension lift. I bought mine at Amazon for $1,798 with free shipping but they're not currently showing the part number. This is fine because Summit Racing seems to have it cheaper now (Check their shipping charges, though! This item comes in several very heavy boxes.) Without free shipping, it would have cost over $100.1$1,399.95
Superlift Ford Ranger / Explorer Front Driveshaft9636The stock front driveshaft will fail quickly because of the new angle it has to work at. Amazon or Summit Racing1$499.95
Shock BootsSuperlift
Yellow: 86010
Black: 86040
Red: 86030
Blue: 86020
These are not included in the kit and can only be installed before the shocks are bolted on. I did not know this when I ordered mine and they were a pain to install.Summit Racing2 - if you're doing the coilover conversion immediately

4 - if you're not doing coilovers.
$3.99 ea
Camber Adjustment KitIngalls # 29000 or Specialty Products #87500.The Superlift kit comes with camber washers that won't work if you don't have flat-edged bolts, which they don't provide in the kit. If you don't buy this, you'll need an angle grinder to flatten the edge of your stock bolts yourself.Ingalls sells these direct, but they're also available from many other vendors.2 - (1 kit per front wheel)$26.94

More details in Chapter 2: The Superlift K358 Kit.

Wheel and Tire Shopping List

ItemPart #WhyWhere To BuyQuantityCost (USD)Amount (USD)
TotalNote: Mounting and balancing of tires is included if you order from Otherwise, add $10-$20 per tire for this.Not including tax or shipping$2,230.75
ATX Ledge 16x8 Teflon-Coated WheelTK16AX188I needed a wider rim than stock to run the size of tire I wanted and these wheels looked good to me. Plus, the easy-clean Teflon coating is really handy.The Tire Rack4$192.00 each$768.00
Dick Cepek Fun Country All-Terrain TiresLT305/70R16Big. Fat. Tires.
Good compromise of traction, wear rating and noise level.
The Tire Rack4$237.00 each$948.00
Spline Drive Lug NutsC7004
1/2" - 20 SAE
The factory lug nuts don't work with my aftermarket wheel. The store I bought from didn't tell me this and charged me $55.13 extra for 20 of these plus the tool.If you buy your wheels at the Tire Rack, they throw these in for free.
You can also get them as a package of 20 from Summit Racing
20$25.00 (kit)$25.00
Spline Drive Impact SocketC7301It's necessary to install and remove your new wheels with the spline lug nuts.Summit Racing1$4.95$4.95
Schrader TPMS SensorsKE33000I kept my stock rims (and TPMS sensors) for my winter tires. Having an extra set of these sensors saves me the trouble of having my tires re-mounted every season.If you're not getting your mounting and balancing done by a place that carries these, you can order these cheaply at Amazon.com4$46.20$184.80
Superchips Cortex Programmer1950To recalibrate my speedometer, but also to tune the engine for small horsepower gains, reprogram transmission, etc.1$300.00$300.00

More details in Chapter 3: Wheels and Tires.

Coilover Shopping List

ItemPart #WhyWhere To BuyQuantityCost (USD)Amount (USD)
TotalNot including taxes or shipping$989.48
ME00Stepside Coilover Bracket Kitn/aThis provides attachment points and reinforcements for mounting coilovers.Check the coilover brackets thread and message ME00Stepside
(shipping to US is $17, to Canada is $46)
1$290 for powder coated, less $20 for bare metal$290.00
Fox 2.0 Pro Series Emulsion Shock 6.5" Travel Coilover980-02-001-AThis is the damper part of the coilover.Downsouth Motorsports or ORW2$207$414.00
Fox 2.0 4.488" extended eyelets213-01-238-AThese get the 6.5" travel shock to the right length for the Superlifted Ranger applicationDownsouth Motorsports or ORW2$35$70.00
King 2.5" inner diameter springs
10" length, 800lb rate
SPR25-12-800These are doing the work of the torsion bars you'll be removing.Downsouth Motorsports or ORW2$65$130.00
Large and small Fox spanner wrenchesDSM LAS07-102
DSM LAS07-100
You'll need these to set and adjust the preload on your new coiloversDownsouth Motorsports. These are also available elsewhere with different part numbers.1 large
1 small
Daystar Bolt-In Extended Bump StopKU09037BKPrevent damage to your CV joints and shocks when bottoming outAmazon.com1 (package of 2)$28.02$28.02
Dorman Hydraulic Front Brake Hose for 1993-98 Jeep Grand CherokeeH38894Your stock Ranger brake lines won't be long enough to reach your calipers after the Superlift, and Superlift's drop bracket won't fit with the coiloversAmazon.com2$11.24$22.48
Additional Grade 8 Hardware2" x 1/2" bolts
1/2" flat washers
Required if re-using Superlift-provided limit straps.Fastnal or your preferred industrial fastener store.2 bolts
6 washers
Black chassis paintRustoleum 263377Needed to cover the bare metal left after welding / cutting.Your local auto parts store.1$10$10

More details in Chapter 4: Coilover Conversion Overview and Planning

Leaf Springs Shopping List

ItemPart #WhyWhere To BuyQuantityCost (USD)Amount (USD)
TotalNot including taxes or shipping$447.26
Skyjacker 6" Softride Leaf SpringFR36SThese are the springs for lifting the back of your truckAmazon.com2$217.13$434.26
9/16" x 5" Grade 8 Bolts & Lock Nutsn/aTo fit the smaller sleeves in the Skyjacker bushings.Fastenal or your favourite industrial fastener store.2$5.00$10.00
9/16" Grade 8 Washersn/aFor welding to the Ranger's front leaf hangers so the smaller bolts don't rattle around.Fastenal or your favourite industrial fastener store.4$0.75$3.00

More details in Chapter 5: Leaf Spring Swap Overview & Prep