Today my Ford Ranger’s power door locks began behaving strangely. They would lock on their own, it would seem, as soon as I opened the driver side door. Thankfully I’d have the door actually unlatched before it locked again, but it was particularly annoying to anyone trying to open the passenger side door that had been unlocked for them just a second before.

After taking apart the driver’s side door panel to look at the wiring and finding nothing wrong, I googled it and found a fix described on  The forum member found that the strangeness was caused by a bad connection at the fuse panel / smart junction box (SJB) behind the passenger side kick panel in the footwell, and was related to the dome light circuit. Phew! Glad I didn’t have to troubleshoot that one myself. It would probably have taken me all afternoon.

I recorded the repair on video for anyone else who has the same problem. NOTE: removal of the driver’s side door panel was completely unnecessary.