We returned Tuesday evening from our wonderful visit to California. I had brought Claire and Leo down with me on business, and we stayed a few extra days to visit our friends Chris and Tom in Santa Barbara. Claire wrote a series of entertaining emails describing our adventures, and with her permission, I’ll post them here soon.

Anyway, when we got home, we found our basement floor covered with an inch of water. A storm drain by the basement door had clogged up and sent water flowing over the sill towards a drain in the middle of the house. Unfortunately, that drain had been tiled over by a previous owner, rendering it quite inoperable. I think we caught it after only a few hours, though: it might have been worse.

Cleanup took a while. As I was dragging one of the ruined rugs outside yesterday for disposal, The same basement door – the storm part – slipped and crashed against me, shattering one of its panes of glass. It was late, so I dropped the stupid rug in the back stairway and left that cleanup for today. We let Beta go do her business out front to prevent her from having to hop the broken glass.

Tonight I cleaned up the rest of it and even got some laundry done. I almost felt like things were starting to look up and return to normal. But just a few minutes ago, Claire said,

“Bad things come in threes, right?”

“Oh, no,” I moaned. “What now?”

She held up her engagement ring, sans diamond.

She’s pretty sure it fell out of the setting while she was at yoga class yesterday, because she heard someone say something to the effect of “Look what I found, I’m not sure if it’s real” and saw the instructor put a small object on the table. She hadn’t realized at the time she’d lost anything, so she didn’t think anything of it at the time. She’s going to go back tomorrow morning to see if she can locate it.

In other news, my fitness mission is going so-so. I was pretty good about staying on my diet for the first part of our trip south, but I slipped several times towards the end. I also didn’t get to a gym, although I did a fair bit of walking around and stair climbing. But even upon my return, I’ve been so busy at work and in the evening with all the mishaps that I’ve not had time for a workout. Oy. I’m still stepping on the scale daily at work, and I’ve posted an updated fitness chart. Not too much slippage, but not great.

Gotta go, my parents are arriving in Toronto this evening. I’ll post an update as soon as we know more about Claire’s lost diamond.