One week down, five to go. I’m getting used to the Aircast. My workout routine went to hell last week, but I was fighting off a virus and my right knee was sore from a bit of a twist it took as I was compensating for the left foot. I think it’s OK now. This weekend, much time was spent watching TV and ingesting many more calories more than an injured, sedentary guy should.

I saw a physiotherapist this morning, who treated the foot with some magical ultrasound thingamajig and gave me some exercises to prevent atrophy in the ankle, immobilized by the cast most of the time. He also cleared me to continue most of my exercise routine (minus the running, of course). OK, no excuses for returning to my old couch potato ways.

Step away from the munchies.

In other news, the nice folks at Adidas got back to me today and they wished me a speedy recovery. Oh, and they’d like me to send them the shoes for inspection. The email assured me that the shoes would not just mysteriously disappear if I did so. Well, the words actually said the shoes would be returned to me at any time if I wanted them back, but it’s more entertaining to read between the lines.

Hm. Maybe I’ll get Claire to videotape me shipping the defective runners to them, you know, to protect all parties involved.

I’ll keep y’all posted.