Fitness Update

I’ve uploaded a fresh fitness chart for your review. My bodyfat seems to have plateaued. Just before my reading increased from 24% to 27%, they recalibrated the machine, which may explain the jump. That being said, I’m only now really getting back on the wagon following our trip. I haven’t missed a workout since Saturday, and I’ve had plenty of snow to shovel.

The toughest part is definitely the dieting. I love to eat. Worse, I especially love eating stuff that’s bad for me. Pizza in particular is terrible because I can eat a whole large Supreme on my own, while barely pausing to take a breath. (No, I haven’t done that since I made my fitness commitment, but I’ve wanted to.) A fair bit of junk food has been showing up around the house lately, and though I’m not the one buying it, I must take responsibility for sneaking a bite every now and then. I’m not proud of that.

I should also be stepping up my time spent on cardiovascular exercise. I do some, but not enough. This’ll be easier once I start biking to and from work again in the spring. In the meantime, I’m pretty much limited to a Tae Bo tape and brisk walks with Beta.

I could run, but I hate running. I do hear, though, that people at my company are planning to get the run club going again, and this time there’ll be training provided. I’ll give this a shot, but I’m not wildly hopeful that it’ll make me like it. We’ll see.

I am confident that as long as I can make time for my workouts and at least TRY to make an effort to control my food shoveling, I’ll see some gains in lean mass and fat loss. It’s just taking longer than I’d like it to.

Fitness Update

My fitness regimen has been underway for 5 days now, and I have some progress to report.

  1. I’ve quit coffee. Although I only drank one cup per day, this was more difficult than previous times I’d stopped drinking it. I had caffeine withdrawal headaches on the second day, and I was really irritable. So I had a cup. That was my last full one. The headaches came back on Sunday, but I had a half cup of cold coffee Claire didn’t finish, and that did the trick. I haven’t hand any since. I still crave it in the morning, and feel fuzzy-headed until almost lunchtime. It’s gradually getting better.
  2. I haven’t missed a workout. I do free weights 2 days on, 1 day off. Day 1 is lower body, day 2 is upper body. Day 3 I don’t lift weights, but I still do cardio. I’ve been doing Tae Bo for the latter, which is OK. I wish I had a rowing machine, though. I could watch TV or listen to my own music while I exercise. I spotted a deal on eBay for one, but when I discussed it with Claire, she reminded me of all the things we really should buy first. She was right, of course, so I’ll hold off for a while. Oh, and the other thing I do for cardio is shovel snow out of the driveway. There’s been a bunch of that, lately.
  3. I’m not drinking beer on weekdays, and I only had 2 beers on the weekend. I had a glass of red wine last week, but it doesn’t do much good before a cardio workout. So I really don’t drink much alcohol at all, now. That’s a good example of how good habits (working out) lead to others (drinking less).
  4. Dieting has been difficult. Over the past several months, I had let myself lapse into a mode where I ate whatever I felt like, quickly, and in large quantities. My preferences were pizza and Claire’s baked ziti. And pork ribs. I love pork ribs. Anyway, I’ve been trying control my eating by predetermining quantities, and sticking to them. This works nicely during the day when I’m at work, because I pack a lunch. In the morning it’s not so easy, because I eat breakfast (a cup of low-fat cottage cheese with a chopped-up fruit) and then I make my lunch, at which point I’m tempted to snack on the ingredients. Claire has been entertaining lately, too, so there have been chips, trail mix and ginger snaps lying around. I’ve done my best to curb my thoughtless grabs at the snacks, but I admit that perfect discipline still eludes me. I’ve been snacking on fruit mid-morning and late afternoon. At dinnertime, I eat whatever Claire’s making, but I don’t go back for seconds. I still need to slow down when I eat, though.
  5. I’ve been drinking more water. I could still drink more of it. It turns out that my original goal of 1 L per day is actually low by half.

So far, my scale tells me I’ve lost three pounds, but I have to discount one of those pounds because I was holding my camera for the first reading.

One happy coincidence that will surely help me along is work-related. On Friday, my employer announced new fitness and wellness program. They’ll be bringing in nutrition and wellness experts to coach us over the next year. Also, they’ve hired Global Diagnostics, an outfit that puts a digital scale and bodyfat meter at the office. They sign up interested employees and give them a barcode that they scan with the scale before they step on it. The machine displays your weight and bodyfat numbers to you , then uploads them to a website that records all your readings and charts your progress. The cool part is they actually reward successful weightloss with cash or gift certificates. Just stepping on the scale earns you 1 point and losing 1 pound that you keep off for at least one week earns you 5 points. You earn a prize worth $100 if you earn 200 points within a 12 month period.

No problem. I’m going for two prizes. 🙂