Claire’s been pretty much bedridden since Leo arrived, as she’s been healing from both a cough and an abdominal incision (not a pleasant mix). Yesterday, we loaded everyone into the car for her followup doctor’s appointment. A couple of happy tidbits result:

1 – Claire needn’t stay in bed all day anymore. Though she’ll still need daily visits from a homecare nurse for a while, she can pretty much return to normal life. Just no heavy lifting. And, of course, Leo sort of redefined “normal life” while Claire was convalescing.

2 – Leo, strapped into his car seat, stops crying and falls asleep by the time our car reaches the bottom of the driveway. He then dozes through the transfer into his stroller, the walk to the doctor’s office, the consultation, the walk back to the car, and the ride back home.

It’s like he’s got an proximity sensor that puts him on “mute” when we leave the house.

Buoyed by these two facts, we went for a pint of Guiness on a patio in Bloor West Village. We met up with Amanda and her friend Dora. Leo stayed quiet, the weather was perfect, and a great time was had by all.

When we got home, Leo cranked out a pent-up wail that lasted ’till 1am, feeding every 30 minutes, filling a diaper every 5. I guess everything has a price.