After spending a week in Toronto attending the TMS Christmas party and various meetings, I’m finally back in New Brunswick.

It was weird staying at our old house. It was still beautiful, but simply not as inviting without Claire, Leo and Beta there. I did the last of the packing and the movers came last Saturday. I was supposed to fly out on Sunday, but the big storm hit and all flights got cancelled.

I hung out with Colin, with whom I was staying, as my bed was on a truck someplace. We braved the snow with his car to go get some breakfast, and promptly got it stuck in the un-plowed street. A friendly 4×4 owner towed us back to Colin’s garage. We had better luck getting out with the rental, so we had some food and then went Christmas shopping. I must say it was the best possible day to shop at the Sherway Mall: all stores were fully staffed at pre-Holiday levels, but the snow had kept most shoppers home.

Later on, when I phoned to get on another flight, I was told that the earliest available confirmed booking was on Friday of this week! I tried my luck on standby, and my Aeroplan Elite status (gone next year, I fear) paid off: I got on a flight Monday night.

Regrettably, my luggage did not follow. I had made a conscious effort to schlep my tools and Christmas presents with me on the plane to not be stuck without them as the moving truck made its way across Eastern Canada. That plan sure backfired, didn’t it?

I provided a description and my ticket number to the guy at the baggage desk after some time waiting in line in Moncton. A lot of other travellers were without baggage but the real reason for the delay was the guy’s lack of typing speed. (Air Canada: train your employees to type if they don’t already possess that skill when you hire them. “Hunt-and-peck” is unacceptable in a client service position that requires any kind of computer usage.)

Almost two days after my flight, Air Canada still has not delivered my suitcases and they really don’t seem to have a clue as to where they are. I don’t have the damn luggage tags because they were attached to my standby boarding pass, which got switched to a real one at the gate. I was so elated to just get on the plane that I just didn’t notice.

When I phoned today for a status, I was told that of the 70 flights that got cancelled on Sunday, the luggage for half the passengers got left behind. Half the passengers! How the hell does that happen? Were the baggage handlers late taking their snow day? Were they packing passengers into the baggage compartments to clear the backlog? I don’t get it.

Claire’s brother Geoff arrives in Halifax at around midnight and I’m driving him. It’s a 2-hour drive each way. Oh, and the movers are supposed to show up tomorrow at 9am with our furniture. So I should take a nap now. Or drink coffee. Or something. Oy.