The longer you go without running the motor, the harder it is to start.

I did try. Below are a few draft entries I started over the past year or so. Not much there really; just ideas.

Consensus on Requirements
Importance of a structured walkthrough

Benefits of Modular System Design
[no detail]

Make it Difficult to Screw Up
when building a system and a process, think hard about how users might screw it up and design in both guard rails and safety nets.

The Cordless Drill: a parable about enterprise software
make sure you have trainable people with whom you’ve set the expectation that they have to learn the system (and why it’s a good thing for them and the organization). Then, make sure those folks are given free time to dedicate to training and as much immersion as possible in the system.  Issues getting people to speed and filling in the gaps by recruiting. [Yikes, this one needs work.]

Despite their age, these drafts do represent an interesting chronicle of how much I’ve seen and learned since returning to The Marketing Store in 2010. So these will serve as the boost I need to get this blog going again.

The next few posts will represent really quick and updated version of what I would have written.