I can’t believe I missed blogging for over a month. It’s about time I said something, isn’t it?

Sorry for the long silence, folks. It’s been a rather crazy month and a half. Claire, Leo and I have been sick on and off since my trip to Austin at the end of March, and both work and home to-do lists were growing out of control.

Only recently have we started getting on top of things again. Here’s the latest:

  • The Esteem sold to the first person who came to look at it! Her dad was a mechanic who closely scrutinized everything, and the repairs apparently were up to his exacting standards.
  • I finally bought a new camera to feed my burgeoning photography habit, and I’ve been taking pictures like crazy. In a sense, I have to relearn how to take proper pictures now – I’m overwhelmed by all of the control a decent D-SLR offers. I’ve also been taken off-guard by the amount of work and computer processing time involved in sorting through the hundreds of shots you take at 3fps. After much effort, I’ve just posted my favorite shots of the past couple of weeks on my Flickr site.
  • There’s a weight loss challenge at work, and my team is currently winning! I’m down 13 lbs since it started three weeks ago. I’m not sure I’ll keep losing the pounds at this rapid rate, especially since I haven’t been able to exercise much with this lingering cough and sniffles. But it’s nice to not be quite as fat as when I started.
  • The last two weekends in Toronto have been beautiful. We’ve had a chance to catch up on stuff around the house, and get out to have some fun as a family.
  • Claire and I are trying to figure out what to do for our summer vacation. We want to take a trip or go to a resort or something, where we won’t have to do any cooking or cleaning, but where we won’t be bored either. Most importantly, it’s got to have toddler activities so Leo can get a bit of a break from his folks. Any ideas?
  • It’s not a proper blog entry unless I rant about something: what the hell is with the side windows on Chevy’s new Tahoe? In my opinion, their inconsistent shapes ruin what is otherwise a perfectly nice looking SUV. They go from a large corner radius on the rear door window, to a small corner radius on the leading corner of the back side window, to a really sharp angle on the rearmost corner of that same window. It’s like the same crayon-wielding monkey that got lose in the design studio around the time the Pontiac Aztek was released found the cage latch again.