He’s still at the hospital, but our little munchkin has made considerable progress since yesterday. A few of us caught him smiling once or twice, and he’s opening his eyes wider now. He’s much more alert and responsive. He’s still got some way to go, mind you, but we’re happy to see how well our boy’s doing.

This morning, two doctors tried and failed to put a new IV tube into him. It was decided that Claire and I had to drive Leo to Sick Kids’ hospital downtown so their crack IV team could do their thing. The St. Joe’s staff disconnected him from the monitors for the ride, but left the probes attached. He was unusually docile as we strapped him into his car seat, though he did squirm a bit. Encouraging!

Something interesting they did at Sick Kids’ was to soak disposable diapers in hot water, and then to wrap them around Leo’s feet and hands. This made his veins easier to see, and they hit a good one on the first try. Still not exactly a picnic for Leo, but less excruciating than the previous attempts.

When this was done, they had to keep fluid flowing into his vein to keep it open. This meant he needed to be connected to an IV, which in turn meant he’d have to take an ambulance back to St. Joe’s. I went back to work before it arrived. Claire and Leo waited 2 hours for his ride to get there. When it did, the attendants said they needed a nurse to ride with them because they didn’t have the needed certification to manage the intraveinous equipment. No nurse was available. They finally decided to give Leo a plain old “drip” IV (without a pump) to get him to the hospital. All they had to do was get there in 30 minutes or less. This was no problem with a light bar on the roof in case of traffic jams, so Claire and Leo safely made it “home” to St. Joe’s.

Some of Leo’s test results have come back, and they too, are negative. We’re still waiting on the viral check of his spinal fluid. The good news here is that there’s one fewer antibiotic in Leo’s veinous cocktail now.

Things are looking up, and we hope they keep trending the way they are.

Thanks to everyone who’ve sent their wishes and prayers. We truly appreciate them, and Leo does too.