Leo came down suddenly with an alarmingly high fever on Saturday morning, and it caused him to have a seizure. We called 911, and he got a lights-and-sirens ride to the hospital, complete with police escort. Claire and I were terrified. They got him to come around in the ER, having administered oxygen and lowered his body temperature with meds.

We’ve been with him at the hospital ever since. He’s showing some signs of improvement, but the docs still don’t know exactly what’s wrong. He’s had a chest x-ray, a CT scan, a spinal tap, not to mention the taking of blood, urine and stool samples. So far, all his results are normal, except for a slightly high blood glucose level. We’re waiting for the rest of the test results, since some take 48 hours. It looks like our little guy’s going to be at St. Joe’s paediatrics ward for the next few days at least.

At this point, he’s being treated for infection with two potent broad-spectrum antibiotics, plus an antiviral. He’s also getting an anti-seizure medication, a diuretic to manage his fluid throughput and acetaminophen to keep his temperature from creeping up again. He’s been really groggy, and it’s been only a few precious moments when he seems to have looked at us and reacted. He’s feeding well, though. He’s got diarrhea, but no other outward signs of infection.

Last night his IV came undone, and they tried to find a new vein, but were unsuccessful after three attempts. You know that seemingly illogical thing that parents say about how they wish they could take their kid’s place? I felt it. I would have gladly let them poke every vein in my body if it meant they’d stop probing in Leo’s pudgy little hand with a needle. They’re looking into alternate ways of administering the medication he needs, but none are as effective. They may try the IV method again today, though. 🙁

Claire’s sleeping at the hospital, and I’m going to sleep at home but spend every free minute with Leo. We’re all still hoping for the best, and trying to hang in there.

Thoughts, prayers and good vibes for Leo are appreciated.