This post marks the official end of my 2+ year hiatus from blogging. Let me bring you up to speed with a few bullets:

  • I separated from Claire in May ’09;
  • SCGI Communications closed its doors in August ’09;
  • I moved back to Toronto shortly afterwards;
  • I started at Isobar doing strategy and business analysis that September;
  • In late February ’10 I became totally smitten with a lovely woman called Stasha, marking the end of my “single dude” phase;
  • I went back to The Marketing Store as a marketing technology solutions consultant in August ’10;
  • My son Leo moved to Toronto to live with me last December ’10;
  • Stasha and I shacked up  in February ’11;
  • Life’s been pretty awesome ever since.

There, you’re all caught up.

Going forward, I’m going to be writing more articles that pertain to my professional field, namely marketing technology. Don’t worry, though: I’ll still post the occasional rant or recount a funny life occurrence every now and then. Please bear with me as I start to reorganize my site and update design and content.

To new beginnings!