Geez, for a place where everyone spends as much time in their cars as Los Angeles, you’d think they’d have better radio. I just got back, and the thing that stuck out the most for me (other than the gorgeous November weather) was the all the crap on the crowded FM band.

Every day of my visit, I spent at least an hour per day in my rental car. Fortunately, the seek button on the radio was within easy reach with my hand resting on my knee. There’s a station at least at every half-megahertz on the dial, but scannning through, here’s what you hear, in ascending order of regularity:

  1. Religious talk radio
  2. Traditional mexican music (which I respect as an artform, but can’t get into, personally)
  3. Hip Hop and R&B
  4. Irritating announcers doing crank calls to places like Bald Knob, Arkansas. “Where are you from, again?”
  5. Ads
  6. The “fine print” in the ads

The last item seems to be heard the most, and is the silliest. These are legal disclaimers read in hushed tones by a speed talker at the end of nearly every ad. They’re ubiquitous, and they say stupidly obvious things like: “Not everyone gets approved for a car loan.”

Next time I go, I’m bringing a CD or two.