I can’t believe this. Comment spammers are now manually entering their spam messages on my site, thus getting past the captcha, and leaving a comment that’s somewhat relevant to the post, although not really.

One I got recently said something to the effect of, “What a cute baby. Is it a boy?”

They then leave the URL for the company for which they’re advertising; a laser eye surgery outfit. (For those unfamiliar with comment spam, the spammers’ idea is that my blog will show their comment, link to the URL left with it, and thus increase the target site’s search engine rating.)

I’m tired of having to disable functionality on my site and waste time deleting the crap that spammers save to my database. If my hosting plan made me pay for the incremental bandwidth spammers waste, I’d really be pissed off. It’s become an exercise in futility; I thought I’d done what I could to thwart automated spammers, but someone has determined it’s worth their while to pay people to do this.

Well, let’s make this a learning experience. If you are a comment spammer, and you plan on leaving a comment on this post, I will allow you one undeleted spam URL for 4 weeks if you answer a few questions for me and my legitimate readers:

  1. Do you realize how much irritation and wasted time your “work” causes?
  2. Do you feel your lot in life somehow justifies your doing this job? How so?
  3. You evidently have access to a computer. Can’t you do more productive things with it?
  4. What part of the world are you in?
  5. Who’s directly paying you?
  6. What is your direct employer’s email address and URL?
  7. What are your direct employer’s phone and fax numbers?

If you answer these questions honestly, I leave a single instance of your spam URL on my site for 4 weeks, and your work won’t have been completely futile, as I’m sure it tends to be most of the time.