I somehow got motivated to post some new shots to Flickr this evening. I’ve grown fairly tired of the effort it takes to process photos lately, but I guess I managed to get past that. So here goes.

I took this set at Claire’s grandfather’s annual Fathers’ Day Party in Pontypool. The event was just a few days after Claire’s dad passed away, but it was a good example of how life goes on after losing a loved one.


I took this set one day last summer when I biked with Leo to High Park in Toronto to play at the castle. I shot these using the F30, which did a good job of the captures. Come to think of it, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to bring the D70s if that’s all I had, and I wouldn’t have taken any pictures in that case. So it goes to show how a good point ‘n shoot camera always has its place.


And this one here is a bit more recent:


I took it a bit over a month ago, in my last week off before starting the new job. I took the ATV and my D-SLR kit out for a ride with the tripod bungied to the front rack. I ended up at a wonderful lookout at the point where the Memramcook and Petitcodiac rivers meet. I composed a few shots, and then sat back on the parked quad, collected my thoughts and let the sound of the flowing water relax me entirely. It was nice.