Geez, have I ever let this blogging thing go by the wayside.

OK, here’s the latest:

  • I was on vacation for the past 2 weeks
  • The first week was spent painting the kitchen and caring for Leo while Claire was in the UK
  • The second week was spent with Leo, Claire, Maia, Jeanette and Brad at a resort in Varadero, Cuba
  • Upon returning home Monday, I found out that my mom’s second brain tumor removal surgery had been moved up to the same day, so I immediately drove up to Sudbury.
  • My mom is presently recovering nicely from the surgery. Her eye on the side of the incision is swollen shut today, but that’s better than the last time, when both eyes swelled closed. She’s completely lucid, and consistently conscious, also an improvement compared with the previous operation.
  • I’m blogging from Sudbury today, and doing my best to catch up on the last two weeks’ worth of work remotely.
  • My fitness initiative has gone to hell since the cold I mentioned in an earlier post. The resort’s buffet and the work I’ve been doing around the house haven’t helped.
  • I intend to get back on track as soon as I’m home.

I’ll post a few vacation pics as I get some time. There are some pretty cute ones of Leo and Maia hanging out on the beach.