OK, so a lot happens when you start working with a new company. You get immersed in a whole bunch of new stuff. You have to work hard, put in some long hours and show everyone around you that you are, indeed, the right dude for the job. No time for blogging.

The Coolest Agency in Atlantic Canada

The Coolest Agency in Atlantic Canada

Quick catch-up: Claire recently accepted an Internet Brand Manager position at Atlantic Lottery, which vacated a position at SGCI Communications, where she’s been working since we moved to Sackville in October of ’07. I was available and keen to go to work with a bunch of nice people I already knew, so Claire pitched me to Blaine, SGCI’s owner, as a replacement + digital marketing guy for the agency.

As you may have guessed, her pitch was successful and I have the honor of being the newest marketing geek in Atlantic Canada’s coolest ad agency. (I’m not just saying that. Have you been here?)

Fast-forward almost a month, and I’m only now making time to post a blog entry. Topic: we’re in the news! Check out this article in the Telegraph-Journal about SGCI’s recent win of the Enbridge Natural Gas Business.

Anyway, there you go. You’re up to date.