I had another appointment with the orthopaedic specialist yesterday and – joy, oh, joy! – I’m off the crutches and out of the Aircast.

The doc clarified that my fracture is actually not in the problematic part of the bone for healing and declared the bone is good to walk on. I mentioned some residual pain and he found that the source was some tendons attached to the end of the bone, as opposed to the bone itself. This, apparently, will pass with time and if it doesn’t there’s this sugar injection thing I can do.

I’m not supposed to do anything overly athletic for the next 6 weeks but just being able to walk around normally again is awesome. I’ll be seeing the physiotherapist this week to figure out how I can accelerate the healing of my swimmer’s shoulder and get back to my weight workouts quickly. In the meantime, I’m trying the Simply For Life diet plan to manage my weight. And shoveling snow. Lots of snow.

Upward and onward!