When I was growing up in Sudbury, I was fortunate enough to fall in with the *right* crowd. A few of my friends, Jean-Sébastien Busque and Mathieu Pichette, had their own comedy show called JeunEsprit on community television, and when they moved up to a segment on TFO‘s Imagine, they let me tag along to write musical score and be the cameraman. I even got to act a wee bit. Experience gained that year, doing the JeunEsprit brand of guerrilla broadcast production formed the basis for my current career in advertising. Another friend of ours from high school, Félix Tanguay, joined JS and Mathieu when they were working at TFO on Volt. Years later, the gang helped me hook up with TFO again, this time as an interactive project manager and developer. Unfortunately, as time went by, we fell out of touch. The guys moved to Montreal to develop their own show, and I didn’t really hear from them after that. We all got lost with our new jobs and families, I suppose.

Just today, my mom relayed to me an article she’d read in a Sudbury newspaper, laying claim to three Sudburians doing their own TV show for Radio-Canada, the French-language CBC network. “Are these your friends?” she asked. I Googled their names and found that they indeed have hit the big time, at least in French-speaking Canada. The show is called Les pieds dans la marge and I have set our new PVR to record every episode. Knowing these guys, it’s garanteed not to suck, so tune in.