Claire’s father, Patrick Sautner, passed away last week after almost of year of fighting cancer. I’m not going to eulogize him at length here, for two reasons:

a) He was such a great and interesting guy, I’d probably end up spending several weeks writing about him in an attempt to do his memory justice and still not be finished.

b) Patrick wasn’t the kind of guy who liked a big fuss. At his bequest, no funeral or elaborate ceremonies were held. That being said, we did hold a wake, and there were speeches. This may have been pushing our karma, because I think I heard someone say he didn’t want speeches, either.

Suffice it to say he was one of my favorite people ever, and we’re all going to miss him like crazy. We are very, very sad that he is gone.

Patrick Sautner left us with a great deal of wonderful memories. If you’re interested in sharing in some of the great times we’ve had with Leo’s “Poppa”, I took zillions of pictures when we were visiting his place in Ennismore. I’ll be posting the last shots of our times there as I get them sorted and organized.