The lease on my X-Trail was coming up this week, so Claire and I have been shopping for a pickup truck . How else to integrate properly into our new environment? Of course, this time we bought used. It took a while and a lot of research to figure out what we (okay, I) wanted. Well, scratch that. I had a pretty good idea going in (Fully-loaded diesel one-ton King Ranch Ford) but then had to re-adjust significantly based on going prices and availability. The winning combination after a few test drives turned out to be a half-ton Dodge, but finding the right one to actually buy took even more effort.

So I put a request in with all the Moncton area used truck dealers to find me a late-model, low mileage Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4×4 Laramie with tow package, etc. Any color except white, please.

Turns out that while these trucks seem to be all over the place on the road, the ones actually for sale at this time were few and far between.

So wouldn’t you know it, I found a truck meeting almost all of my criteria. But it was white. I waited some more to see if anything else popped up on the used car sites… Nothing.

The amount of patience I have when shopping for a car (not a lot) was easily overcome by the amount of giddiness I have before a new vehicle purchase (a fair bit.) So I decided that dual-zone climate control, a limited-slip differential, skid plates and a warranty were more important than the color.

Plunge taken, white truck purchased, pictures posted.

Our New Truck