The car salesman phoned yesterday. The Dodge pickup he was going to bring to show me was a regular cab, not extended as requested. So we cancelled his visit until a more suitable truck was located. This is fine, because there’s been a lot of work to do.

We got word yesterday that our house in Toronto has officially sold, now that the buyer’s financing has been approved.

To top off another busy week, we decided to drive into downtown Sackville to go for a walk with Leo. This may sound silly until one realizes that there’s no sidewalks around our place and minimal street lighting. Rather unsafe for strolls in the dark.

We loaded our little guy into the car and headed into town. Using Claire’s powerful parking spot locating sense, we homed in on a space that happened to be right in front of the local movie theatre. As it turns out, “Bee Movie” was the show playing, and we were just on time to see it.

It wasn’t the cinematic experience one is used to in Toronto, but it wasn’t bad. The theatre is pretty old, but the seating has been upgraded, there are cupholders and lots of legroom. Plus, it’s wired for surround sound. It’s not the three-story-tall screen you’d see at the big megaplex, but it’s bigger than our TV.

The movie itself wasn’t great, but it was a colorful animation that kept Leo transfixed and quiet for an hour and half. Claire and I were actually able to watch and enjoy the whole movie too, which was great.

This weekend we’re going to try to get out and see some more of the province, and we may try and fit in some more truck shopping as well.