Happy Halloween!

I have a few tidbits to report today. First of all, Leo and I have been living in the Maritimes for 1 year as of last night. Claire and Beta had their New Brunswick anniversary a couple of weeks ago, having preceded our arrival.

Adidas got back to me a few days ago with a response after I sent in my shoes. Not surprisingly, they didn’t take any responsibility for the injury but they did offer me the full replacement value of the shoes. Not wanting the hassle and expense of undertaking legal action, I took the deal. Instead of shoes, though, I opted for the equivalent value in apparel.

Today, I had my followup appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon. For some reason when I arrived at the hospital for my x-rays, the radiologist had orders to image my heel and ankle. At first I thought these shots would also show my injured bone, but they didn’t. I mentioned this to the nice radiologist. She left me on the table for a few minutes and left to ask someone if it was OK to take the shots of the correct area of my foot. Thankfully this request was approved.

The doctor had a look at the x-rays and pressed my foot in a couple of spots to ask if it hurt. It didn’t. He asked me to take a few steps using the foot. It felt really strange when I did, but there was no pain. At least I don’t think so, but the new found pressure  was making the sole of my foot was tingling 

His direction to me was this: walk around normally for 48 hours. If it starts to hurt to the point of limping again, I’m to resume the use of crutches and immobilization and make a followup appointment with him in another three weeks. If I don’t need to favor the foot as of Monday, I should start counting another 6 weeks before I can start putting major weight on it (e.g. squats) and another 12 weeks before I can resume impact sports (e.g. running).

It wasn’t the right-back-to-jogging outcome some folks had led me to believe, but at least I’ve got a weekend without crutches.

As I walk around now without the boot, in a normal shoe, I do feel some tenderness in the bone so I’m not going to get too giddy at this point. I do, however, feel a strange sense of lightness and freedom after ditching the crutches. I can just stand up and walk across the room. I can carry stuff up stairs. I can walk down stairs with no railing without fear of killing myself.

I’m going to try and think positive and will my bone to finish healing this weekend. Not to mention taking it easy.