…even though I seem to only post on a monthly basis lately.

It’s been a busy summer so far. We sold our house on Saturday, and are now on a hectic search for a new, slightly larger place, with a decent kitchen. If you know of anything in the GTA for less than the price of the space shuttle, please let us know.

I’ve been snapping pictures like crazy with the new camera, and am dreadfully behind in sorting / posting the keepers. Just this evening I uploaded the shots from Leo’s 2nd birthday party, which took place almost a month ago. You can find those here.

Still to come:

  • Papa’s Day (a.k.a. the Sautner Family Reunion) in Pontypool
  • Canada Day
  • Ribfest
  • and more…

In addition, I recently did a photo outing with my good friend Darren at the Distillery district. The idea was to see how we treated the same subjects differently so we can compare notes and hopefully learn from each other. We’ll hopefully be posting these pictures soon.