…and one giant leap towards independence.

Not last Saturday, but the one before, I awoke suddenly to a loud “THUMP” from Leo’s room followed immediately by a hysterical shriek. Claire tells me she awoke to the sight of me leaping out of bed and running out of the room faster than she’s ever seen me move.

When I burst into his room, the suspicion formed in my groggy mind was confirmed: Leo had figured out a way to climb out of his crib. He just hadn’t counted on the landing part.

He was fine, but just a bit startled by his discovery, no doubt.

Leo Considers His Chances

He hasn’t tried it since, but I now know that our days of sleeping in until an oh-so-luxurious 7:30 am on weekends are numbered. (In case you’re wondering, 7:30 is about the time when Leo’s yelling and jumping up and down on his bed usually cut through the layers of sleep in my brain. Claire is unaffected for some reason.)

If he climbs out again, I guess we’re going to have to move him to a “big boy” bed, and make sure we kid-proof the whole house before we go to bed. Ah, they grow up so quickly.

In other news, I just posted a handful of new pics to my Flickr site, should you care to peruse them.