I finally found time and motivation to sift through the hundreds of photos I’ve taken in the past months, and I’ve picked out the best for general viewing. There are some photos of Leo taken at home and on the road this past season, as well as an album dedicated to our Cuban vacation in April.

Leo in a box in Sudbury

As we approach Leo’s first birthday, I’m starting to run low on server space again. I’m going to need to do a thorough gallery cleaning to make room for future photography. As a result, I’d like to ask everyone to vote for their favorite pics using the site’s rating system. You’ll see a series of star ratings below each photo when you click on it. I’ll keep only the top-rated current shots when I make room for the new ones later this summer. Thanks in advance!

P.S. – Don’t worry, I keep offline archives of every photo, so the ones I remove from the site aren’t lost forever or anything.