Well, our boy is in his sixth month now, so I’ve started a new album. Last week, he received a visit from his cousin Maia and Big Papa (a.k.a. Great-Grandpa Sautner) and we have a few pics to show for it.

We were saddened to hear early this week that Big Papa had to go to the hospital. Apparently he’s starting to feel better, and we hope his recovery will continue.

In other news, a nice gentleman and his wife showed up with cash and a trailer to take my Ski-Doo away. So now there’s room in the garage. I was actually able to put the snow tires on Claire’s car indoors. Cool.

Leo’s gotten into the habit of having catastrophic bowel movements (as in, the diaper can’t hold it all) while Claire’s still sleeping and I’m trying to get ready for the day. I really hope he breaks this 24-hour cycle. Not only is it really gross, but it makes it hard to be on time for work. Yes, I foolishly tried waking Claire up for help. Those who’ve experienced her morning, um, disposition are probably shaking their heads upon reading this. “Silly Pierre…” 😉

On the upside, Leo is sleeping a heck of a lot better these days.

Well, it’s coming close to my time to get some shuteye. G’night.