Avoid tracking packages online when you order something. It’s just discouraging.

I just ordered some computer components from a company in Vermont (using Claire’s credit card, in case you’re wondering how I accomplished such a feat without my wallet) and they gave me a UPS tracking number for my package after they had shipped it. This is a nice touch that several online stores add.

Trouble is, when you’re keen to get your stuff, you end up logging onto the UPS site every now and then to paste the number into their package tracker. Usually the package hasn’t moved much when you do this. In my case, I’m getting to observe the shockingly indirect route taken by my package as it navigates UPS’ network of hubs and spokes.

Vermont is pretty close to the Canadian border, but for some reason, the first scan after departure from that state was in Chelmsford, Massachussets. This was an “Export” scan. Hey, that’s further away from me than before!

So I logged in again tonite. Incredibly, my package has found its way to Louisville, Kentucky! Ack! WTF?! Are they going to route it through San Jose next?

I’m not tracking this package anymore. I’m taking a deep breath. It’ll get here when it gets here.