Grindin'People who know me well can attest to my mechanical tinkering habits. Over the last few years I’ve had my truck, I’ve spent the occasional weekend under it in my driveway or garage, upgrading some part or other.

A fair number of perfectly good parts I’ve removed  have been piling up in said garage as well, and now has come time to sell a few things. If you’re looking for some good parts from a 2009 Ford Ranger, check out my buried Kijiji postings:


255/70R16 M+S Winter Snow Tires  – Arctic Claw Winter Xsi x4


ReadyLift 66-7816A Torsion Key Unloading Tool

Stock Suspension and Steering Parts

Torsion Bar Bearings – Ford Ranger / Mazda B
Ford Ranger Torsion Bar Adjustor Bolts
Ford Ranger / Mazda B Series Front Sway Bar Links
Front Shock Absorbers – 2009 Ford Ranger – Rancho – Mazda
Factory rear lift blocks 2009 Ford Ranger
Steering Knuckles – 2009 Ford Ranger or Mazda
Ford Ranger / Mazda B Rear Leaf Springs 2009
2009 Ford Ranger Front Differential Bracket – Mazda B

Front Upper Control Arm Alignment Washers – Ford Ranger Mazda B
2009 Ford Ranger / Mazda Torsion Bars Left & Right

Superlift Kit Components

Front Bump Stops & Drop Brackets 2009 Ford Ranger / Mazda B
3″ Rear Lift Blocks – Superlift Ford Ranger / Mazda B-Series
Superlift front shocks for Ford Ranger / Mazda B truck
Torsion Bar Drop Brackets for Ford Ranger Superlift
Front brake lines with drop bracket – 2009 Ford Ranger


Ford Ranger Tail Light Housings Left and Right
Ford Ranger Headlights and Corner Marker Lights 2009
Fog Light – 2009 Ford Ranger Sport