On this first of many weekends in New Brunswick, we had our first taste of Atlantic weather as “post-tropical storm” Noel swept through the Sackville area late last night.

There was rain and wind, but we slept through the worst of it. Our friend Colin was visiting from Toronto, and I suspect the wine consumed for the event helped keep us snoring during the overnight din. The power stayed on until the next morning, when the sun was out and I had finished brewing coffee and cooking breakfast. Then the juice flickered out for about an hour and was on again.

No biggie.

Having Colin over gave us the excuse to see some sights, so we drove around Sackville, Dorchester and Memramcook. We drove through a covered bridge with the windows down and yelling to hear the echo.

Covered Bridge

Then we went to Shediac for lunch, and back to Moncton. We did Magnetic Hill, and completely ruined the illusion for Colin by turning around at the “bottom” to coast back “up” forward. This is the kind of thing you can do in the off-season. Anyway, don’t do it. It’s much more effective when you let the car coast in reverse.

Anyway, thus concludes my week “off”. I’m back at work, albeit remotely, starting tomorrow.