Ranger Lift Appendix: Full Shopping List & Budget

This page summarizes the shopping list for a full Superlift, coilover and rear leaf spring conversion for a 2000-2011 Ford Ranger or Mazda B-Series truck. Please refer to the articles for everything you need to know about the installation. This post is part of a full series on lifting your late model Ford Ranger or(…)

Remembering My Mom: Anita Séguin, 1946-2008

  My mom, Anita Séguin, died this past Saturday morning, ending a 5-year war she’d been battling with brain cancer. She fought well and stayed cheerful and positive throughout. When her fourth and final tumour showed up on the routine MRI this past January, we thought, “No problem. She’s got it licked.” Unfortunately, it turned(…)

Pavlovian Response

Claire’s been following that weight-loss competition on TV, “The Biggest Loser”. My home office setup is in the living room, so I’ve kind of had to watch it too. Anyway, every time the competitors step on the scale, there’s this beeping sound effect as the weight measurement “stabilizes”. It reminds me of the microwave chime,(…)

Denis Anderson: 1963 – 2007

Denis Anderson, a friend and a colleague, passed away suddenly this past weekend. I’ve never experienced the death of anyone with whom I have worked so closely; it has greatly affected me, as well as my other coworkers. As such, I feel compelled to write a few words about him here. I first met Denis(…)

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